Jun 22, 2023 · 13 min read

Stimulus Inc. Founder and CEO, Tiffanie Stanard, Shares Insights on Strengthening Supplier Relationships and Reducing Risk at Prestigious Industry Event

Chicago, IL — Stimulus Inc., an innovative relationship intelligence solution for modern supply chains, is proud to announce the successful participation of its Founder and CEO, Tiffanie Stanard, in the high-profile panel discussion on “Strengthening Relationships: Building Trust & Reducing Risk with Suppliers.” The event took place on May 18th at McCormick Place in Chicago.


The panel discussion focused on the evolving landscape of supplier relationships and the need for a holistic approach to supply chain management. The session explored strategies for identifying and mitigating risks, enhancing transparency, leveraging technology for open communication, and fostering trusted relationships with suppliers.

Stanard, alongside distinguished industry leaders Donna Lanzetta, CEO of Manna Seafood, and Jung Yoon, Senior VP Production & Sourcing at Michael Kors, engaged in a thought-provoking conversation moderated by Sheena Smith, Chief Strategy Officer of Spend Matters. The panel shared valuable insights and perspectives on a wide range of topics, including the changing dynamics of supplier risk management, the importance of visibility and transparency, the role of technology in fostering transparent relationships, and the future outlook of the supply chain industry.


Tiffanie Stanard, Founder & CEO of Stimulus speaks at Reuters Supply Chain USA 2023 in Chicago, IL

During the discussion, Tiffanie highlighted Stimulus’ commitment to moving beyond transactional relationships with suppliers and emphasized the significance of building long-term partnerships based on shared goals and values. She underscored the role of data-driven analytics in identifying and mitigating risks within the supply chain, showcasing how Stimulus’ solution leverages data insights and analytics to enhance transparency, streamline operations, and minimize disruptions.


Tiffanie also stressed the importance of leveraging technology to establish open lines of communication with suppliers. She shared how Stimulus’ platform facilitates seamless collaboration and communication, enabling transparent and trusted relationships between companies and their suppliers.

Furthermore, Tiffanie discussed the critical need for enhanced visibility and transparency across the supply chain, emphasizing how Stimulus’ solution empowers companies to gain real-time insights into their supplier network. This visibility allows for informed decision-making, early detection of potential bottlenecks, and the smooth operation of supply chain activities.


In addition, Tiffanie shed light on the benefits of implementing a multi-tiered supplier system to increase flexibility and agility. She elaborated on how Stimulus’ solution helps companies identify and engage with diverse suppliers, enabling them to respond quickly to changing customer needs and market demands.


The panel discussion also addressed the challenges of technology implementation, and Tiffanie provided valuable insights on overcoming these obstacles. She highlighted the user-friendly interface and dedicated support provided by Stimulus ensuring a seamless implementation process for companies of all sizes.


Regarding supplier risk management, Tiffanie shared her perspective on approaching supplier risk within the broader context of supply chain risk management. She discussed how Stimulus’ solution plays a vital role in identifying and assessing supplier risks and the importance of proactive risk mitigation strategies.


Tiffanie concluded the session by expressing her excitement about the future of the supply chain industry. She emphasized the increasing role of technology, data analytics, and supplier diversity in driving positive change. Tiffanie shared Stimulus’ vision for a more resilient, transparent, and inclusive supply chain ecosystem.


Stimulus is proud to be represented at this esteemed event and contribute our valuable insights to the panel discussion. We were excited to showcase our expertise, vision and mission to revolutionize supply chain relationships and empower companies to build stronger, more collaborative partnerships with their suppliers.


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You can also watch the full panel here.